The MIG 210 has been developed to provide high quality arc welding for the light production and metal fabrication industry. It has a high reliability electronic control unit for a maximum consistency, together with a bank of high quality capacitors for maximizing power output. It has a 6 steps voltage selector, and the welding current ranges from 50A ~ 210A. A thermostat is designed in this unit for overload protection.

MIG 210

 Main Power Supply Voltage  AC 220 - 240V Single Phase
 Operating Frequency  50 - 60Hz
 Max. Current At Rated Output  35A
 Open Circuit Voltage  22 - 45V
 Voltage Selector  6 Steps
 Max. Load 100% Duty Cycle  90A
 Max. Load 60% Duty Cycle  120A
 Max. Load 20% Duty Cycle  210A
 Output Current Range  50 - 210A
 Overload Protection  Thermostat
 Wire Diameter  0.80 - 1.00mm
 Wire Speed  2 - 12 m/min
 Spot / Intermittent Timer  0.2 - 2.5 seconds
 Weight  61kgs
 Dimension (WxDxH)  330 x 762 x 635mm


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